PTE Describe Image – What if you can’t think of anything?

PTE Describe Image Trick

What if you come across a PTE Describe Image question and cannot think of anything to say in your response?

Yes! It is unlikely this will happen, but it has happened to many!

If the image is very complex, or on a topic that the test taker finds very unfamiliar, this can happen. But do not worry! There is a way around this.

First, if you find the image very complex try to focus only on a part of it. Even a partial response is better than no response at all. Therefore, try to focus on simpler parts of the image. Just ignore what you think is too difficult!

Second, take what is in front and start speaking it as it is! Usually the image has some time, or some accompanying text. It might have some labels, some axis, some headings, etc. Whatever it might be you can start reading it as it is. So, when you feel there is nothing you can, remember you can always speak what is in front of it. The key is not to panic!

Finally, do not forget the basics! You know how to make an introduction. You also know how to make a conclusion. So at the least speak the sentences that you have prepared already. Always have a couple of stock replies that you can use whenever nothing else comes to mind.

Let us give you a few examples:

The given image highlights a very important issue. While the topic is not easy to understand for a layman, the image describes it in a simple manner. The trends are visible and likely to continue as expected. In conclusion, the importance of the issue cannot be underestimated.

Something like above will fit anything and everything!

Now, even if you can just figure out the type of image, the above response can become better!

The given bar graph highlights a very important issueโ€ฆ

If you can just pick the title, you can make the response even better!

The given bar graph highlights the rise and fall in inflation rates in India!

See, just when you think you cannot give a response, there is always a way out, if only you get started!

Having said the introduction, you can read out the axis or labels or anything else in the image in the simplest possible manner. Remember this is not a test of your analytical skills! This is a test of your English-speaking ability. If you are able to understand and speak about the trends in the picture or if you are able to convey the deeper points, you will get a better score โ€“ there is no doubt about it! But for those who struggle, saying anything is better than keeping quiet or getting stuck while giving the response.

Point to note:

When you prepare the stock replies for use in an emergency situation like this, try to prepare them in your own words. Do not pick templates as it is from the Internet. Always change them and convey them in your own words. If the Pearson AI sees the same templates and same sentences a thousand times each day, it can predict it is not a real response. But if you tweak it and try to speak in your own way, you can sound more genuine in your response!

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