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Take a FREE PTE Practice Test and check your level of preparation for PTE. The Practice Tests have questions just like the real PTE Exam and are delivered in the same software!

PTE Practice Test


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Get ready for your PTE Exam with these PTE Practice Tests

Don’t go into exam without knowing your current level! You might end up wasting time and exam fees.

These scored PTE Practice Tests will give you an accurate idea of what score you are likely to get in the actual exam. On top of that you will get feedback and recommendations for further improvement.

AI Test Software

PTE Practice Test software

You will take the tests in a software which is just like the one used in official PTE exam. The test software has advanced AI for scoring writing and speaking sections.

Scores in just 1 Hour

PTE Practice Test results

Unlike other PTE websites PTE Practice Test is fully automated and uses AI just like the real PTE. That is why you will receive results quickly – in less than one hour!

Detailed Reports

PTE Practice Test scorecard

Along with the PTE Practice Test scores you will receive a detailed report highlighting areas that require further improvement.


PTE Online Coaching

There is no need to waste months in coaching classes. You will receive a FREE PTE course when you sign up for one of the PTE test packages. the course is designed for quick improvement!

More than 100 Tests

PTE Practice Test Online

PTE Practice Test packages contains more than 100 tests, each developed exactly as per PTE guidelines. Whether you want to do some quick practice or take a full mock test, you will find it here!

Tutor Support

PTE Tutor

These PTE Prep packages come with Tutor support. If you have any doubts or need help with planning or want to understand something better you can reach out to your tutor.

Latest Pattern

PTE Exam Pattern

PTE Practice Test team monitors all changes to exam pattern and quickly updates the PTE Test software if required. you can rest assured that you are practicing exactly as per PTE guidelines.

Authentic Content

PTE Certificate

All test content has been developed after studying recent real exam questions and by following all PTE guidelines. Practicing with these tests will prepare you for a high score in PTE!

PTE Practice Test Packages

Affordable PTE Practice Test Packages with authentic PTE questions developed as per the latest PTE exam pattern, delivered in a software just like the real exam.



2 Scored Mock Tests

0 Topic Mock Tests

0 Section Mock Tests

FREE Online Course

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1 Month



10 Scored Mock Tests

100 Topic Mock Tests

20 Section Mock Tests

FREE Online Course

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6 Months



6 Scored Mock Tests

40 Topic Mock Tests

8 Section Mock Tests

FREE Online Course

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3 Months



4 Scored Mock Tests

20 Topic Mock Tests

4 Section Mock Tests

FREE Online Course

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2 Months

Student Reviews

On an average 90% of our students achieve their target PTE score in under 30 day! Overall our students have a 95% success rate.

Thank you Nancy and the whole team of PTE Practice Test! I have been able to meet my visa requirement by getting 75 in PTE. I must have wasted more than 1000 dollars and 6 months before signing up with you. Your mock tests and online course are more effective than very famous coaching centres in Australia. Thank you for helping people like me!

Jihye Kim

From Australia / Scored 75

Dear ma’am! I got 82 score in my latest PTE exam. It more than meets my requirements. I can’t believe that just 1 month ago I was struggling to get even 70. Thank you so much. God bless you and the whole team.

Navpreet Singh

From India / Scored 82

100 pte tests









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PTE Question Bank

PTE question Banks – Do they really help?

Internet is filled with experts of every type! Name any topic and you will find people who claim to know the dark secrets and inside information related to it. They will tell you they know the shortcuts and the tips and tricks that no one else knows. PTE is no different! In fact…

PTE microphone position

Position of mic in PTE – Does it really matter?

As you know PTE Academic is an exam conducted on and scored by computers and software. It works just like you would be using any other computer software…

PTE Exam Pattern

PTE Exam Pattern 2023 – Detailed overview

PTE Academic format has been consistent since its inception, with only one revision in early 2022. This revision was aimed at making the exam shorter. As a result, the number of questions appearing in some types were cut down…

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