PTE Preparation – How many hours do you need every day?

What is the first thing you ask yourself when you start studying for an exam? How much effort do I need to put in? How many hours do I need to study every day? The question makes sense! Usually, people who are taking PTE are doing it to meet their visa requirements. So more often […]

PTE Describe Image – What if you can’t think of anything?

What if you come across a PTE Describe Image question and cannot think of anything to say in your response? Yes! It is unlikely this will happen, but it has happened to many! If the image is very complex, or on a topic that the test taker finds very unfamiliar, this can happen. But do […]

PTE Question Banks – Do they really help?

Internet is filled with experts of every type! Name any topic and you will find people who claim to know the dark secrets and inside information related to it. They will tell you they know the shortcuts and the tips and tricks that no one else knows. PTE is no different! In fact, here you […]

Position of mic in PTE โ€“ Does it really matter?

As you know PTE Academic is an exam conducted on and scored by computers and software. It works just like you would be using any other computer software. The input goes in and output comes out. So, it stands to reason that the quality of input is important! This becomes even more crucial in the […]

PTE Exam Pattern 2023 – Detailed overview

PTE Academic format has been consistent since its inception, with only one revision in early 2022. This revision was aimed at making the exam shorter. As a result, the number of questions appearing in some types were cut down. The total number of question types though have remained the same. Hereโ€™s an overview of the […]

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